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Weather Vain PU
Wet look macs have always been in and out of fashion.
We get offered many high street fashion raincoats and are always looking for good makes

Mandy Marsh, Dannimac, Four Seasons and others.
Black and red are the two most popular colours.

Weather Vain of London, now (Ghekko) make fabulous wet look pvc polyurethane raincoats for the enthusiast.
The one shown here is the long Hussar model with flapped pockets and neck strap.
It can be male or female fastening and when worn with the matching sou'wester, brings back nostalgic memories
of the 1960's and 70's when they were common place on the street.

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gold pu Rainmac Midhurst Rainmac Midhurst Red Lolly  Maids macs on sale now New Lolly Maid PVC macs on sale now in black & red PU Pvc raincoat

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