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Vintage SBR rubber macks
 I'm Alison, along with John my hubby we own and run this site.
having previously started up, operated and  sold Shinymac website,
we bough back some of the remainder of the stock last year and started
With over 20 years experience in this scene, we welcome customers old and new.

Enjoy the collection of  nostalgic shiny black rubber SBR macs hee
Your welcome to send us your mack images to and we will upload them up for other enthusiasts to enjoy.

These SBR polished rubber mackintoshes now very collectable, but as the ageing process takes hold they can deteriorate.
With the reduction in sulphur in the rubber making process, the more recent SBR macks
have lost the pungent strong aroma that many mack enthusiasts love and cherish.

A recent private collection we bought yielded 50 such SBR macks and by the time John arrived home
from Scotland, inside the car  had the aroma of a tyre factory.
In all 90% of the macs were in fine condition having been stored out of the sun light and worn frequently
to ensure the rubber moved and didn't deteriorate, becoming stiff, cracked and beyond normal use.

So they are still out there, contact us if you have some SBR or other fetish based macs for sale or to trade with us.

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Weather Vain sbr Latex rubber mackintosh Alison shows off her SBR rubebr hoded cape SBR hooded cape Alison out in one of her many SBR mack latex rubber mackintosh cream latex raincoat Aquamac sbr mackintosh weather or not sbr Weather Vain sbr SBR mackintosh & cape ensemble Hamilton Classics SBR cape Weather Vain special order sbr & d/t Weather vain double texture & sbr special order SBR riding mack with sou wester SBR ribber mackintosh & cape sbr shiny black rubber mack Vintage rubber mackintosh Weather vain mac

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