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Nylon overalls by Lolly Maid

Lolly Maid blue nylon
Lolly Maid is a custom nylon overall we can have maid for you.
These high quality sexy nylon overalls are TV/sissy maid fitting and suited to the maids and mistress scenarios.

They are also popular with the vintage clothing specialists who go for the authentic rustle of thick bri nylon.
Often worn over day clothes or just scant classy underwear with patent heels, these nylon overalls sound, feel and look fabulous.
Lolly Maid has a range of colours and style to suit your needs.
We are always looking to buy nylon overall collections for our many customers.

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Lolly Maid blue nylon stunning full length nylon overalls red nylon overall green nylon full length overall 2 NYLON OVERALLS YELLOW NYLON OVERALL blue nylon overall nylo overall rubber skirt & satin blouse Blue & green nylon red see through pvc overall Royal & navy blue nylon overalls Black nylon long sleeve overall nylon overalls wanted 2 nylon overalls black shiny pn nylon overall shiny blue nylon overall shiny black pu nylon overall button back nylon nylon overall & rubber mack clear polyurethane PU overall with polka dots PU clear polka dot overall Pink polka dot PU overall Polka dot pink overall

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