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Nylon overall layering

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Remploy bri nylon overall English stiff bri nylon teachers overall Blue & greeny English bri nylon overalls Floral & ornage stiff nylon overalls French & German nylon overalls

Lolly with overall collection
Lolly shows how to layer nylon overalls for the maximun girlie rustle.

We had a visit from Lolly last month and she brought her nylon overall collection to show off.
Layering of multiple nylon overalls increases the nylon rustling noise and sensation,

so she started with her Remploy 1960s full length bri nylon stiff crisp overall in blue
then added a French soft shiny zip front overall in mid blue with white trim.
then a stiff German sleeveless nylon overall with red trim
then an English vintage floral nylon overall with belt
then a stiff bri nylon sleeveless overall in orange
then an English full length stiff rustling blue button front nylon overall
finally she put on her vintage rare flared green long sleeve nylon multi button
teachers overall and leather tawse in the pocket to finish the outfit,
The noise as she moved was truely amazing,
try it for yourself and send us some pics for the gallery

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