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Nylon Overall

womans nylon overalls
Woman's nylon overall have been about from the late 1950's.

They became popular work wear through the 60's and 70's with some fantastic colours and style combinations.
From shop workers to secretary, nurse to family mum, there is a style for everyone.

Now enthusiasts are buying these overalls to wear and collect as they are in very short supply.
The rare and in demand patterns are normally the bri nylon
ones that rustle and swish as they are worn.

TV's CD's and ladies all wear these ,so we stock a range by Lolly Maid custom nylon overalls in larger TV friendly sizes and assorted colours

If you want a specific nylon overall or have a collection to sell, get in touch with us at

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Red long sleeve nylon overall shiny noisey pink nylon overall lolly in pink nylon overall long blue nylon overall x long blue nylon overall blue nylon over black nylon 2 nylon overall red nylon belted overall black nylon overall  red nylon & others Torquoise nylon overall x long red nylon overall

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