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Now were really busy looking to boost stocks NOW!!
Urgently need. time for you to clear some unloved items
new & pre owned stock of raincoats and fetish wear wanted
SBR rubber mackintosh raincoat by Weather Vain Weather or Not and Rainmac
latex and satin macs, latex clothing, suits masks, bondage and TV wear including female masks,
boots,wigs, masks and satin clothing, shiny wet look raincoats
gas masks and heavy rubber clothing
whole collections needed urgently
call us with details we can probably visit and
pay on the day and take it away :)
Part exchange always welcome too
find our items for sale on ebay ;
user name;

or call 07548 871985 talk to Alison or John about selling your macs and rubber wear


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sbr rubber mack nylon overall pvc mack shiny black rubber macs shiny black pvc raincoat blue yellow pvc cape glass yellow pvc mack black sbr rubebr mack pvc cape over nylon overall grey pvc long cape black pvc mack blue satin and sbr pvc apron blue met pvc cape semi matt black pvc coat blue pvc raincoat blk pvc mack pvc cape & nylon overall latex mistress dress shiny red pvc mac rubber maids uniform blue pvc raincoat shiny black pvc raincoat sand cotton trench pvc pu raincoat glass green pvc mack blakc nylon overall & pvc mack tartan pvc mack pink nylon overall & pvc mack Eileen in red pvc mack Alison in SBR mac blue pvc raincoat trans pvc cape Stock needed shiny black rubber mackintosh full sbr mack & sou wester full sbr rain protection rubber lied satin cape David Marsh rubber lined satin Hamilton Classics SBR sbr mackintosh & hat ali in her sbr John with stock Ali in shiny black rubber Nylon overalls wanted Ali in her sbr mack female maskes wanted nylon overalls bought satin & rubber

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